Dear All,

Greetings from Bangladesh.
Hope you all are busy and doing good in your all respect.
Few days back i went to my village and meet the children that you all help them to go to school. I also distribute some Eid Gift and tiffin money  which was sent by Undine  among the ten boys and girls.
And next day most of the students came with flowers to my home and they thought that Undine and some of you are in my village.It was really a nice moment for me and my family.My mother offered some sweets among all the students. 
You all will be happy to know that the construction for the Toilet is finished.
Now the students can go to a nice Toilet.
I am also little free now to do so. Thanks to every one to help my village school and hope you all will continue the same in all time to come.
with warm regards.